Three (3) Recruitment Kits are available for order:

  • Promotional Kit – for recruiting new members to your existing Post or Unit
  • Starter Kit – for starting a new Post or Auxiliary Unit
  • Procedural Kit – to outfit your Altar (replace lost or worn items)

Many of the items in these Recruitment Kits can be found in the Document Library for you to download and print locally. Click HERE to go to that page. 

Promotional Kit contains:

  • Two (2) copies of The Catholic War Veteran magazine;
  • Five (5) membership applications;
  • One (1) page of sample graphics for advertising;
  • Sample page of announcements to put in church bulletins;
  • Sample letter to Parish Pastor;
  • Sample letter to Diocesan newspaper;
  • Order Form for additional Promotional Kit items;
  • Order Form for Post / Unit Starter Kit items;
  • Order Form for Post / Unit Procedural Kit items.


Starter Kit contains:

  • History of the Catholic War Veterans and Auxiliary
  • Instructions for chartering a New Post / Unit
  • New Post / Unit Charter Application
  • Charter Member and Temporary Officer Form
  • Twenty-one (21) membership applications
  • Pocket Size CWV or CWVA Ritual*
  • CWV or CWVA Constitution & By-Laws*
  • Officers Manual*
  • Sample letter announcing first meeting of new Post / Unit
  • Order Form for Promotional Kit
  • Order Form for Post / Unit Procedural Kit.

COST: FREE for most items; items with (*) can be ordered for a nominal charge. Order entire kit for $15.00

Procedural Kit contains:

  • Bible*
  • Crucifix*
  • Altar Cloth*
  • Gavel*
  • Small votive candles & holders*
  • Podium Edition Ritual*
  • National Officer Programs for current year*
  • Set of all Post / Unit Administration Forms*
  • Instructions on how to use the CWV web database
  • Order Form for Post / Unit Flag
  • Life Membership Application
  • Order Form for Promotional Kit
  • Order Form for Starter Kit

COST: FREE to new Posts or Units chartered after Oct 1, 2014.

Items with (*) can be ordered separately for a nominal charge. Entire Kit can be ordered for $150.