The way Catholic War Veterans Posts report their Officer Program activities has changed. Please note the new Report Form and way to submit your hours, funds spent, members involved, etc.

New Report Form Worksheet. There is now only ONE consolidated form for all Officers to report the activities and accomplishments of their particular programs.

  • Click HERE to view and print a blank Report Form Worksheet with instructions.
  • You must download / save the blank form to be able to add items into the worksheet on your own personal computer.

PLEASE NOTE – the paper form is meant to be a worksheet ONLY! See below for specific instructions on filling out the actual, online Report Form!

Posts are to fill out and enter the data from the Report Form Worksheet into their Post database.

  • A PDF Tutorial set of instructions on how to do that can be viewed and / or printed by clicking HERE.

Change in disposition of completed Report Form. The Report Form is a fillable PDF. Posts should mail an FYI copy of the completed form to their Chapter and Department only. PDF copy of the Report Form can be saved and attached to an email to those higher echelons, if desired.

  • one copy to the Chapter (for Posts in PA & NY)
  • one copy to their Department (for those under Dept jurisdiction). Each Department will inform their subordinate Posts as to where and who to mail the completed form to.
  • There is no requirement for Posts not under Regional jurisdiction to mail the Report Worksheet.

The Reporting Periods have changed. The Reporting Periods now coincide with the Fiscal Year of the National Department of the Catholic War Veterans. Reporting Periods are:

  1. July 1 – December 31. Deadline to be entered in the database and received at ALL higher echelons is January 20.
  2. January 1 – June 30. Deadlines to be entered in the database and received at ALL higher echelons is July 20.