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Use the links below to find information for ALL Catholic Parishes, Dioceses and diocesan newspapers in the United States.

  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mail addresses
  • Websites of Dioceses, Newspapers
  • Contact names – Bishops, Pastors, and Editors

Most Diocese’s have a website with a Parishes link or tab, with which you can obtain the name, address and contact information for all parishes within that Diocese.

  Dept CDR’s / Dept Auxiliary Presidents and Posts not under Dept jurisdiction – consider sending a letter to the Bishop of your Diocese asking for his help in getting his parishes to allow your members in to recruit. Follow up with a phone call or personal visit within 5-6 days after mailing the letter. 

★  Post CDR’s and Unit Auxiliary Presidents should send a letter to the Pastor of the parishes you’d like to recruit at and ask permission to set up a table at the entrances and exits to hand out Membership Applications and other recruiting materials. Follow up with a phone call or personal visit within 5-6 days after mailing the letter. (See below for sample letters to a Pastor – you can edit this) 

  Ask the Pastor for the name of Parish bulletin Editor and if it would be possible to send a small announcement item to be placed in the bulletin the weekend before your visit,  the weekend of your visit and the weekend afterwards . (See below for Sample bulletin announcements)

  Contact the Editor of your Diocesan Newspaper about running a feature news story about the Catholic War Veterans and Auxiliary in an upcoming issue. Submit a Press Release, a Letter to the Editor and/or an advertisement to inform the readership about your recruiting.

★  Contact the Webmaster of your Diocese’s website asking if it possible to post an article about your recruiting efforts.

Important Note: Letters addressed to a Cardinal who is an Archbishop, an Archbishop, a Bishop and a Pastor require special language with regards to their position. Please see below for  guidelines.

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