The 2022 – 2023 CWV & Auxiliary Programs are now online. Please distribute to your Officers as soon as possible. These programs are what sets the Catholic War Veterans & Auxiliary of the USA apart from other Veterans Service Organizations. Administering our programs are the responsibility of the Echelon Officers – each position has a corresponding program.  

On each of these pages, you will find:

  • A description of each Officer’s duties from the CWV Officers Manual
  • The National Officer’s Program with details, rules, deadlines, etc
  • The Officer Report Form to be filed twice a year with all of the upper Echelons
  • Other Program helps – tips, other forms, etc.

Use the links below for each of our National Programs. Click on the blue-wording

  1. Catholic Action & Americanism: CWV 1st Vice CDR — Auxiliary 1st Vice President
  2. Membership: CWV 2nd Vice CDR — Auxiliary 2nd Vice President
  3. Youth Activities: CWV 3rd Vice CDR — Auxiliary 3rd Vice President
  4. Ritual & Ceremonies: CWV Officer of the Day — CWV Auxiliary Ritual Officer
  5. Veterans Welfare: CWV and CWV Auxiliary Welfare Officer
  6. Historians Program: CWV and Auxiliary Historian
  7. Other Officers Pages – for those that do not have a National Program, but have important information to convey about the duties of the position (under construction).

Recruitment & Retention read below and then click HERE

Each day is an opportunity to recruitment a new member. It is an ongoing effort – you can recruit anytime, anywhere! Every member is asked to assist their Post or Auxiliary unit to retain membership and recruit a new member. This is the best way for us to continue fulfilling our motto “For God, For Country and For Home”, and helping veterans. One new member, in turn will then reach out to someone he / she knows who can recruit another new member who will reach out to recruit another.

To do this, resource materials have been developed to help Post and Auxiliary units in these efforts. Some are available for download on this website and printed; others can be ordered from the CWV online store. Contact National HQ to find out what other items may be available to assist you further..

Would you like to join us in our mission of serving all veterans “For God, For Country, For Home” ? Click HERE to go to the Application page.

  • You can print out an Application to join the CWV and Auxiliary.
  • Or you can fill out the Online Application
  • Click HERE to pay your dues online – current members can renew here also!