From Ben Nunez, National 2nd Vice Commander:
To all Department Commanders, Department and Post 2nd Vice Commanders – By this time you have retained your present members, and should have started working on those members who are Delinquent.  These Delinquent members have had their membership  suspended this year for not paying their dues. If they would like to be reinstated, they will have to pay this year’s dues (2017)  plus the dues for 2018.  It should be up to the Post’s discretion on how they want to handle the dues portion.
We are getting into the end of this year’s renewal period. Delinquent members that don’t bring their dues current will be taken off the active National Membership Roster.  If a member would like to be reinstated and has been Delinquent for more than two years, this member will have to pay 2015-2016-2017 and the up-coming year 2018 dues. This is the first reminder to all Post Commanders.
Thank you Commanders
Ben Nunez
Nat’l 2nd V. C.