The Catholic War Veterans Auxiliary is based on a foundation of devotion to Our Blessed Mother; through Mary we seek Jesus.


The Catholic War Veterans Auxiliary seeks to assist in protecting the rights and privileges of our Veterans, to honor and respect Veterans of all wars, who gave of themselves to preserve our freedom, to foster respect for the Flag of the United States of America.


The members of the Catholic War Veterans Auxiliary participate in scholarship programs, offer voluntary services to hospitals, homes for the aged, senior citizens, and many community programs and actions.


In early 1935 Monsignor Edward J. Higgins was disturbed by the persecution of nuns and priests that was occurring at that time in Mexico and was upset that none of the existing Veterans organizations were willing to voice their objections to these actions. After conferring with Pope Pius XI, Monsignor Higgins received Papal approval for the formation of a Catholic Veterans organization with many purposes among which is to foster comradeship among Catholic Veterans, to protect their rights and to take positive action against atheism, especially Communism. It was called the Catholic War Veterans. Before the year was over many Posts were organized in the State of New York. The first Ladies Auxiliary, Jamaica CWV Auxiliary #7, New York, received its charter in December 1935.

Between 1936 and 1948 the organization progressed rapidly, organizing Posts and Auxiliaries throughout the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Wisconsin and Ohio. An Auxiliary could not be organized without sponsorship from a CWV Post sponsorship. Qualifications for membership in the Auxiliary were being a member of the Catholic Church and being related to an eligible Catholic veteran.

During Catholic War Veterans National Conventions, reports of the outstanding work accomplished by the Auxiliaries were received. Much praise was given the Auxiliary members for their services as voluntary workers at the VA Hospitals. They helped by writing letters for and/or feeding the blind, helping disabled paraplegics to their wheelchairs, sponsoring bus rides, distributing gift packages, giving parties with entertainment to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other occasions. Wheelchair brigades were formed to assist the wheelchair bound veterans to attend Sunday and Holy Day Masses. Catholic Chapels were erected, furnished and maintained through contributions and volunteer work of the Auxiliaries. Rehabilitating the veteran and his family, welfare in general and child welfare specifically became major programs. (These programs and many additions are being practiced today through the dedication and hard work of many Auxiliary members.)

In 1948, a call went out to all Auxiliary members to attend a special meeting, held during the National Convention of the Catholic War Veterans at Chicago, Illinois. The purpose of this meeting was to establish a National CWV Auxiliary. The first National Catholic War Veterans Auxiliary Convention was held in May 1949 in Washington, DC.


Many times during each year Auxiliary members participate in Memorial Masses and reflective times. Meetings are begun with a decade of the Rosary and were ended with three “Hail Mary’s for the conversion of communist countries. Since 1991, with the downfall of the USSR, we dedicate our closing prayers for the conversion of oppressed countries. And we feel we will be successful in praying for the return to God and adherence to the Ten Commandments.

In the forefront of all our programs and activities is the support and assistance to Veterans, especially those that are hospitalized. We need to remind them that we have not forgotten their service to us by helping to maintain our freedom. On the National and Department (State) level this assistance is most frequently that of a monetary nature; the personal projects are carried out by us as representative of our original Auxiliary Units. In time of need, we help the Veteran and his or her family financially and morally, whenever possible.

Respect for the Flag is one of the cornerstones of our Americanism and Civics program. Placing flags on Veterans’ graves, exercising our right to vote, serving on juries and on civic boards are just some of the ways we seek to enhance our country and what it stands for.

Through our Youth projects we endeavor to help youngsters realize their religious and civic obligations, and responsibilities, to enable them to take over for us when we meet our final reward. We assist our parent body with the scholarship programs, both monetarily and physically, and foster ongoing programs relative to the education and well-being of all children.

We, the Auxiliary, from our inception have assisted, and will continue to assist our parent body, the Catholic War Veterans, at all times, in its endeavors to foster their programs.

We sincerely hope, that with the telling of our history and listing of our projects, we will inspire potential members to join us on our journey of devotion:

“For God, For Country, For Home”

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