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The intent behind the design and content of this site is to make anything and everything available to our CWV Posts, Auxiliary Units, Chapters and Departments that they need to ensure success in the operation of our programs.  

Please bear in mind that the stated objective above is a long process and that our web committee is all volunteer that spend as much time as possible to update this site. Be patient as we work towards that goal – it does take time (land lots of it!).

Some comments from members:

  • The site is not easy to navigate” — Icons on the Homepage (2nd row and below) have been made to match up with the navigation menu across the top of every page. A site map is at the bottom of many pages.
  • “I can’t find the document/form that I need” — Many documents are available in multiple spots throughout the site. The Document Library is the main place to find these. Documents related to an Officer Program can also be found on that Officer’s Program page. 
  • “Where’s the Membership Application? It should be easier to find!” — The Application can be found at the bottom of EVERY page, and has been there for several months now. 
  • “Links to outside sites are not easy to find” — These can be found in the Hot News & Links section. Anything underlined in blue (anywhere in the site) is a link. Images for every outside site are now being developed.
  • “We need more communication from National” These can be found in the Comm Center. The National Commander & Presidents UPDATE, National Officer Reports and Minutes from National Board Meetings are some items to keep you up-to-date.
  • “This link is broken / the page will not load” SEE BELOW

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Documents are in PDF format. Using Adobe Reader to open these will preserve the ability to fill in and save any forms that you type information into. Click the image below to download the latest version of Adobe Reader NOTE: PDF’s Extended Features are available (fill in and save) if using Internet Explorer. Use of other browsers may not allow you to fill in these forms through your computer. In those cases, you must print out and manually fill in the forms.

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